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Bolt Book

Web Site for Bolt family tree. 

This site contains parts of the original book, Bolt from Devon.


This site is still under construction.

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The link below contains the original text as above, but with updates added  that have been received. The link above will not be changed unless it contains issues!

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The bolt from Devon book has been edited and I have removed dates for living people.
 If you would like to contribute unlisted information in the text section, you should contact me.
 For any information contact
I also have available a word document listing all the family
members data (as at 1997) including birthdates. As this contains
confidential information it is ONLY AVAILABLE BY REQUEST by emailing You will need to identify yourself so that
I can email you a copy of the file once validity is established.

Below are images that can be ENLARGED by clicking on the thumbnail.
If you would like a copy of any of the photos, just right click on the image and SAVE.
At this stage there are no names. I have most of the names and am working on adding them to these photos.

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The page below is a direct copy from the original photographic plate that made the book. I can easily add others if requested, provided that personal dates of living relatives are excluded. Living date exclusions are required to avoid identity theft.

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